About Me:

Welllll, hello!! My name is Enjoli and I am the sole creator of all the wonderful products you see here! I started making lipstick in 2013. I only started with 5 colors. Only 2 of those colors were considered "normal". Within a few months, I made more colors. I wasn't too thrilled with having only lipstick. Within in no time, I had lipgloss, nail polish, eyeshadow, and highlighters. Still, not fulfilled! So I started BodyKande. The name "Enjoli" is actually from a perfume so I felt it was only right I make some fragrances as well. From BodyKande came HomemadeKande, which is an array of scents for the home. 

I truly enjoy creating new products. It gives me a joy that I cannot explain!I NOW have a YouTube Channel!! Search KissKande and be sure to subscribe!! It's Mad Littttt !